How to get a free £10 voucher to spend on Amazon Prime Day

Save a bit extra, and help out some small businesses at the same time

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Update: It's now Amazon Prime Day, which means this deal has ended. Sorry! You can browse all the best Prime Day deals live now, or explore the available Amazon vouchers.

It's not quite time for the main event yet – this year's official Amazon Prime Day deals will be appearing on 21 and 22 June – but there's a cool little promotion you can take advantage of right now that'll help you save even more when the actual Prime Day arrives. 

From Monday 7 June to Sunday 20 June (Amazon Prime Day eve, if you like), Amazon has decided to lend a helping hand to small businesses. Shoppers who spend £10 on products from UK small businesses during those two weeks will get £10 credit to spend on Prime Day. 

You can purchase from any small business sold though Amazon, including product from Amazon Handmade and Amazon Launchpad. Eligible sellers will be flagged with a 'small business' banners to make it nice and clear where you'll be able to shop to take advantage of the deal. 

If you don't have any sellers in mind and are looking for a place to start, Amazon has curated a some selections for you to browse here. There are collections for homeware, electronics, toys and games, books, handmade items, pet supplies and more. You can even browse by region, if you want to find a local seller. 

Once you've purchased, you'll be able to claim the £10 credit via your purchase confirmation email. And then you can redeem it over 21 and 22 June. 

Like all of the Amazon Prime Day deals, it's only available to Prime members. So you'll need to sign up to Prime before you make your small business purchase, and still be a member when Prime Day rolls round. However, there's a free 30-day trial you could take advantage of if you're not sure it's for you long-term.

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