How much!? Google Pixel Fold is the priciest foldable – but I still want one

With its £1,749 or $1,799 asking price, the Pixel Fold isn't doing things by halves – but it's a great-looking foldable

Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Google)

On the approach to Google I/O 2023, the search giant wasn't exactly secretive about the existence of the Google Pixel Fold – the folding phone was revealed in an animated video via an official Tweet a full week ahead of time, not leaving much to the imagination. 

Except, of course, for the price and release date. That's what everyone really wanted to know about. Well, now we know: the Google Pixel Fold will be priced at a whopping £1,749 ($1,799 for our US friends) when it arrives later in the year. 

Yes, I know, that is a lot of money – but I still want one as my next folding phone. Inevitably it's already got people talking: after all, consider the Google Pixel Fold against the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example, and the like-for-like launch day pricing is even higher for the Google device. 

I think many people will find that price point unexpected. Especially as Google has historically been so competitive in the best Android phones space: the Google Pixel 7 Pro was a bargain £849/$899 when that launched – and you can now buy it for significantly less, as the real-time shopping widget above reveals.

Perhaps you might consider the Pixel 7 Pro instead of the Fold as a more viable option? Well, perhaps, I say through gritted teeth. But, no, I really want the Pixel Fold instead. I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with folding phones over the course of their existence, but step by step they just get better and better. 

Google Pixel Fold

(Image credit: Google)

For me the thing that's most appealing about the Pixel Fold is that, well, it's a Google product. Google being the creator of the Android operating system. A platform that's been notoriously poor when it comes to larger screens, including foldables. The Pixel Fold, therefore, is an opportunity for Google to show-off how capable Android can be on the big screen. 

Just how big are we talking? The interior panel is a 5.8-inch OLED display, and when unfolded the Fold is a mere 6mm thick (or thin, really). Close it up and the 7.6-inch external OLED display (and 12mm thickness) is akin to a 'normal' phone. So I think having this marriage of screen scales and thinness will help the Pixel Fold establish itself as the best on the market.

Google Pixel Fold

(Image credit: Google)

The Pixel Fold will come in two colour options – 'Porcelain' and 'Obsidian' – and what Google is calling "the most durable hinge" for longevity. It's also got a camera system that's pretty much the same as the Pixel 7 Pro, which is my go-to for ease of use, and therefore not an afterthought in a foldable.

Just like with other Google products, the Pixel Fold will feature exclusive features that make it even more desirable. There'll be a bit of a wait, however, as while the Google Pixel 7a is confirmed and can be bought right now, the Pixel Fold will be arriving later in the year. If you, like me, want to buy one then best get saving – that £1,749 asking price is quite something, after all.

Mike Lowe
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