How ‘Flowers’ singer Miley Cyrus stays fit & toned with yoga

Want to get abs like Miley Cyrus? Then you need to try her yoga routine

Miley Cyrus yoga routine, wellness tips
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Singer and actress, Miley Cyrus has kicked off 2023 in style, with her single ‘Flowers’ smashing the charts and breaking records, making it the fastest song to cross 100 million streams on Spotify globally. Other than the catchy lyrics, one thing that everyone noticed in the Flowers music video is Cyrus’ athleticism and toned body that she credits to yoga and Pilates.

In the music video, Cyrus is seen doing a series of exercises, including battle ropes, crawls to Spiderman press-ups using an anchored resistance band, burpees and Glute bridges. It’s safe to say that Cyrus has an insane physique and incredible strength, especially in her arms, legs and core… but how does she do it?

Cyrus has always been vocal about her love for yoga and she often posts videos and pictures of her doing difficult poses while wearing the best yoga pants and using the best yoga mat. She’s been practicing Ashtanga yoga for many years and because of that, she can do some of the most challenging yoga poses that require strength, control and balance.

Cyrus’ preferred practice, Ashtanga yoga is actually considered the most difficult style of yoga because it requires a lot of discipline, patience and time to master the series of moves. To find out more about how Miley Cyrus gets her toned arms and rock hard core, keep reading.

What is Ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional style of yoga, based on eight principles and consisting of a series of poses that are executed quickly and combined with deep controlled breathwork. Referred to as the hardest style of yoga, Ashtanga yoga is also considered to be very athletic, as it focuses on strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Ashtanga yoga takes time and dedication when it comes to mastering the poses. In conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, Cyrus said that while she loves the practice, it can be uninspiring as some moves can take several years to get right. But Cyrus is definitely committed to the practice, saying that she does yoga for 2 hours a day, 6 times a week.

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

Alongside her yoga classes, Cyrus is also a big fan of Pilates with a main focus on strengthening her core, which would explain her toned abs and stomach area. Other fitness and wellness things that Cyrus sticks to is eating a plant-based diet and incorporating cardio into her day with hikes and walking her rescue dogs. 

While Ashtanga yoga can be a labour of love, it’s definitely a workout that requires a lot of strength and patience. Of course, you have to start somewhere so it’s hard to say that Ashtanga yoga isn’t for beginners but if you have a good amount of knowledge and practice of yoga, you’ll definitely fare better with the complex poses. But without further ado, let’s take a look at one of Cyrus’ yoga workouts.

How to do Miley Cyrus’ yoga routine

While Cyrus does share clips and photos of her yoga workouts on Instagram, the most extensive yoga workout from her is the video above, which sees her move through a series of Ashtanga poses and stretches.

Starting on the floor:

  • Sphinx pose
  • Dynamic twist with bent legs
  • Boat pose
  • Downward facing dog
  • Crane pose
  • Bridges
  • Seated forward bend


  • Downward facing dog
  • Cobra
  • Warrior
  • Wide-legged standing forward bend
  • Lunge variations
  • Extended hand-to-big toe
  • Tree pose with forward bend
  • Chair pose

Back to floor:

  • Lotus pose (sat up and lying on her back)
  • Headstand
  • Sukhasana
  • Scale pose

And that’s it! For more celebrity yoga routines, check out how Jennifer Aniston uses yoga to stay fit and if you fancy a challenge, here’s how to master the trickiest yoga poses.

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