Horizon Forbidden West looks stunning in new PS5 gameplay and graphics showcase

The latest Horizon Forbidden West PS5 showcase reveals enhanced gameplay mechanics, animation details and more

Horizon Forbidden West running on PS5
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games | Sony)

There's no doubting that Horizon Forbidden West is going to be one of the games to play on PS5 in 2022.

And now we've got a new look at just how special Horizon Forbidden West is going to be thanks to a post by its maker, Guerrilla Games, on the official PlayStation Blog.

And, after viewing the post, which is a showcase of some of the game's new gameplay and graphical animation features, it looks like a shoe-in for T3's best PS5 games list.

The showcase is broken down into a series of sections covering things like animations, combat, enemies and gear, each with a series of short videos demonstrating what Guerrilla has achieved in the sequel.

The animation section, for example, reveals how the new game boasts "increased possibilities for Aloy and her enemies" in terms of movement, and just how the development team have delivered an enhanced experience. Alloy moves really, really naturally and has loads more animations than in Zero Dawn.

Meanwhile, in terms of enhanced combat in Forbidden West we get to see and hear how gameplay has been enhanced by a deeper and more dynamic combat system. There's more attacks and tools for the player to call on when fighting and taking down opponents, be they human or machine. We see Alloy acrobatically take down robo dinos and angry armoured men in a variety of super cool ways.

And in terms of enemies, we also get some information about some of the opponents Alloy will face in the game, such as the Regalla’s rebels, a faction of the Tenakth tribe. We get to see these enemies in action and how players will need to adopt different strategies to defeat them effectively. How Alloy switches from close-quarters strikes to ranged blows is amazing.

Here at T3 we think that playing Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 next year looks like it is going to be a truly special experience, and a true graphical and gameplay showcase for Sony's next-gen system.

There's no doubting Horizon is one of Sony's aces in terms of PS5 exclusives, too, so it's really enthusing to see the game looking in such rude health a few months before release in February 2022.

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