Here's your best look yet at Oppo's stunning Apple Watch rival

Like an Apple Watch, but with the waterfall display of a Samsung Galaxy S10, we think it looks great!

Here's your best look yet at Oppo's new Apple Watch rival
(Image credit: Weibo)

Yet another image of Oppo’s upcoming debut smartwatch has appeared online, this time showing off the curved screen in more detail than ever.

Previous teaser shots have come from Oppo itself, but this time the photo comes from a leaker and was published to the Chinese social network Weibo.

At first the wearable looked a lot like the Apple Watch, thanks to its square case and display. But now we can clearly see just how much the screen curves downwards at its left and right edges.

This design is totally different to the flat-screened Apple Watch, and reminds us of the Infinity Edge Display used on recent Samsung smartphones, right up to last year’s Galaxy S10.

(Image credit: Oppo)

We’re not sure if there are any real benefits to a smartwatch with a screen that curves like this, and the latest image makes us wonder if glare will be a problem along those curved edges.

Assuming it isn’t doctored in any way, the image also appears to confirm the Oppo smartwatch will run Google’s Wear OS system, instead of something created in-house by Oppo itself.

It has previously been reported that the watch will feature an electrocardiogram (ECG) app, although this hasn’t yet been confirmed. We’ve also seen how the watch has two buttons on its right side, but none on the left and no form of rotating crown, which should cut complexity and manufacturing costs.

(Image credit: Oppo)

Brian Shen, president of global marketing at Oppo, recently tweeted to say the curved screen and ‘3D glass’ of the watch will be “a game changer”.

Oppo was expected to announce the watch at Mobile World Congress earlier this month, but that was cancelled due to the coronavirus. We now expect Oppo to launch the watch online - and reveal its specs, features and price - in late-February or March.

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