Here's why you shouldn't buy a TV this Black Friday

There are some incredibly tempting TV offers available right now but should you commit just yet?

Black Friday TV deals
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Some of the biggest sale items among all of the Black Friday deals are TVs. From £300 Amazon Fire TVs through to giant 85-inch ULED models, there are TVs to suit every size and budget available. But is this really the time to be buying a new TV?

There's a reason that TVs are often discounted this time of year, and that's because the new ones are just around the corner. The 2024 models are normally announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, though might not hit the market till the summer. 

That means that even if you bought the latest TV model available today, there could be a new, better version announced in just a few month's time. Of course, that's true with any product. There's always going to be a new model around the corner, and you have to jump sometime, otherwise you'll be waiting forever. 

If you've had your current TV for more than a few years, any upgrade you make now will feel like a giant step up. The current range of OLED, ULED and QLED models produce a stunning image, with deep blacks, bright whites and a vast range of tones. 

Next year's TVs are only likely to build on that. The move to 8K models is still very gradual, and it's likely to be a few years more until that resolution jump is necessary for most. 

Sound is one area where ultra-thin TVs haven't delivered, so I suspect we will see improvements there. However, if you have a good sound bar, it won't really matter to you. I do hope we will see more models like the LG M3, which provides a separate control box that connects wirelessly to the screen, keeping the wires running up your wall to a minimum.

So ultimately, if you want the very latest technology from your TV, you are best off waiting until after the new announcements in January. However, if you're willing to accept being a generation behind, you can get some really good deals. 

Top Black Friday TV deals right now

LG C3 OLED 65-inch: was £2,899now £1599 at

LG C3 OLED 65-inch: was £2,899, now £1599 at
The update to 2022's award-winning LG C2 OLED, the newer C3 isn't massively different – but is a highly accomplished set that's among the best you can buy. What we've mainly been waiting for is a price drop that makes it worth jumping on, which is exactly what Amazon has managed to do for this sale!

Samsung QN85C QLED:was £1599 now £898 at Currys

Samsung QN85C QLED: was £1599 now £898 at Currys
One step down from Samsung's top-tier QN95C (which has more backlighting zones for greater precision), the QN85C is still a great super-bright QLED TV that, for this price, will basically blow your retinas away.

Samsung QN90C 55-inch: was £1,699now £939 at

Samsung QN90C 55-inch: was £1,699, now £939 at
Samsung's one-from-the-top QLED model for 2023 is brand new, ultra-bright and in this 55-inch model is available for a superb price. You'll need to hold an AO membership to get the lowest price, but that £39.99 charge will cover itself.

LG C3 OLED 75-inch: was £3,999now £2699 at Hughes / Amazon

LG C3 OLED 75-inch: was £3,999, now £2699 at Hughes / Amazon
This C3 is physically massive in this 77-inch superdeal. The panel is highly accomplished and among the best you can buy for cinematic and gaming picture quality. 

85" HiSense U7K SmartTV: was £2999 now £1999

85" HiSense U7K SmartTV: was £2999 now £1999
Save £1000 on this humongous MiniLED TV. With ULED certification you can enjoy ultra 4K resolution an ultra-wide colour gamut and ultra-low dimming as well as a 144Hz refresh rate. As a smart TV it can of course also access all of the leading apps and streaming services.

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