Here’s what you’ll win in these £1,400 Christmas crackers from Asprey

With six in a box, that’s about £230 a pop

Asprey luxury Christmas crackers
(Image credit: Asprey)

Just as the humble chocolate advent calendar has morphed into giant boxes full of cosmetics, cheese and booze (although rarely all at once), Christmas crackers have upped their game recently too.

This year, and despite the current economic situation, there are still plenty of luxury crackers to pick from (just check out T3's best Christmas cracker guide for a start). The set featured here costs a whopping £1,400 for just six crackers, but that price starts to make sense when you realise what’s inside.

From Asprey, the crackers are filled with sterling silver treats, including a pendant, enamel cufflinks, a tumble cup, a whistle on a keyring, and stud earrings.

There’s also what Asprey calls a non-touch keyring, which is designed for opening doors and operating buttons without touching them with your fingers. Probably a good thing to have, given all those nasty colds going around at the moment.

As for the crackers themselves, they are finished with the company’s purple engine turning pattern and signature purple ribbons. Inside, each cracker has a silver polishing cloth to keep the gifts looking their best, a festive crown, a motto and an Asprey balloon. No rubbish joke, though.

If £1,400 feels a bit steep, Asprey also sells its luxury crackers individually. Prices start at £200 for a cracker containing an official Formula One racing car lapel pin, to £275 for a silver pen, and £350 for an F1 car keyring.

For more, head to our guide to the best luxury Christmas crackers.

Alistair Charlton

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