Here's another great reason to buy an LG OLED telly: they all just got 10% cheaper in Australia

Aussie retailers are currently offering bargain deals on LG's CX and BX models. But they won't hang around.

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(Image credit: LG)

LG has just officially slashed the Aussie price on its OLED TVs ahead of its upcoming new model drop. 

The current CX models have seen prices decline slightly throughout 2020, and with the 2021 C1 version about to launch, Australian retailers are offering solid discounts on last year's stock.

For those living in UK, LG already slashed the price of the CX and BX models last week, making them the cheapest OLED TVs on the market - and now Aussie consumers can enjoy similar savings. 

While the official price drop is 10% on the previous RRP, lots of retailers are going a bit beyond that, meaning you can now score an LG CX for very near the cheapest Australian prices we've seen.

For example, Appliance Central is currently offering the best price on the 55-inch CX, coming in a AU$2,570 - a saving of AU$215 off the new RRP, and AU$525 off what it was last week.

Equally, the 65-inch CX price has been slashed to AU$3,530 with the same retailer, saving AU$245 off the new RRP. That's marginally cheaper than Bing Lee, who are offering the same model for a discounted AU$3,595.

JB Hi-Fi and Bing Lee are both competing on price with the CX, but neither seem to have discounted the BX models - meaning you'll actually get a better price on a higher quality TV if you buy with those retailers. 

The LG CX was one of our favourite TVs of 2020. It's great value, the image quality is superb and it proved one of the the best gaming TVs thanks to support for every new feature of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

If you're happy to sacrifice a tiny bit on image quality, you can pick up a great deal on the BX models, too.

Appliance Central is advertising the best price at AU$2,280 for the 55-inch - a huge AU$515 off the RRP.

Equally, the BX 65-inch is going for just AU$3,085, saving you AU$710.

The LG BX is still a compelling OLED TV. It boasts superior HDMI support, and a high overall level of picture quality with both regular HD and 4K content. While that might not be as impressive as the CX, at these bargain prices it's still a great buy.

The current deals are tipped to stick around for this weekend only.