Grab HPs latest Chromebook on sale for just $250 at Amazon right now

Amazon's cheap Chromebook deal saves you 15% on HPs latest Chromebook

cheap chromebook on sale hp
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Amazon is running an excellent deal on HP's latest Chromebook that students and those working at home can't miss! Now on sale for just $249.99, you can pick up HP's 2021 Chromebook at it's cheapest price so far.

A perfect laptop for students, personal use and working from home, HP's 2021 Chromebook comes packed with hardware and features at an incredible price.

Now: $249.99 | Was: $289.99 | Savings: $40 (13%)
HP 2021 11.6" Chro...

Now: $249.99 | Was: $289.99 | Savings: $40 (13%)
Offering an excellent laptop for students and personal use, HP's Chromebook offers a streamlined laptop experience at one heck of a price. An intel Celeron N3350 paired with 4GB of RAM provide plenty of power for basic use.

Finding itself among some of the best Chromebooks available, HP's 2021 model gets an upgrade in both speed and fluidity.

An Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core 1.1GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 32 eMMC, Bluetooth connectivity, and even USB-C ports provide the complete laptop package in an incredibly versatile and lightweight design.

HP's 2021 Chromebook also includes everything you need out of the box to get rolling. A 64GB SSD card gives you plenty of storage for basic files but of course, as with all Chromebooks, we recommend grabbing some external storage.

Take a look at T3's best external hard drive if you need some insight into what will be the best option for your new Chromebook. SanDIsk's 500GB portable SSD is on sale right now for just $95 and is an excellent companion storage device for your new HP Chromebook.

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