Grab Google's 4K Chromecast Ultra with £20 off at Currys right now

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Google Chromecast Ultra deals
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If you're looking to upgrade your TV setup, you have a few options and one of them is getting a Chromecast, a sleek little device made by Google that slots straight into your TV's HDMI port and can access all the content your heart desires. Plus, right now, Curry's is having a sale of the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra.

The Chromecast Ultra works as you would expect: a plug and play dongle that blends seamlessly into any setup going that can access Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and so on through any decent WiFi connection. You simply plonk yourself down, find what you want, and let the Chromecast do the rest.

As we've said, the big selling point on the Chromecast Ultra is its support for 4K and HDR, meaning if you've got a TV or monitor capable of ultra-high resolutions, then this is the device for you. On top of that, if you're worried about buffering, the Ultra comes with a Ethernet port, letting you stream in 4K over wired connections.

As if that wasn't enough, because this is made by Google, you can stream the screen of your Android phone or Chrome-enabled laptop to the Chromecast, giving you access to a whole world of new content, slideshows, games, Facebook galleries, tweets, and whatever else. No need for any physical wires.

Google Chromecast Ultra | 4K | WiFi | Google Assistant | £69 £49 from Currys

Google Chromecast Ultra | 4K | WiFi | Google Assistant | £69 £49 from Currys
Google's Chromecast has it all and the Ultra adds the ability to stream in 4K, which is very useful as the latest generation of TVs shift in that direction. A well-designed, sleek device that is plug-and-play straight out the box.

So, if you've been browsing for the right TV streaming accessory, this deal from Currys on the Google Chromecast Ultra is well worth seriously considering. 

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