Got a pet? You NEED this vacuum cleaner!

The Hoover Telios Extra makes getting rid of pet hair a breeze!

Got a pet? You NEED this vacuum cleaner!
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If you’re a pet owner then you’ll know that pet hair gets everywhere! On the sofa, your clothes, the carpet, and sometimes even your dinner! Getting rid of stubborn pet hair with a regular vacuum cleaner is a challenge which, more often than not, seems to just push the hair around yet still manages to clog the nozzle. 

Hoover is a household name when it comes to vacuum cleaners, and it’s easy to see why. The Hoover Telios Extra is designed to banish pet hair for good with its high-power performance and accessories designed to help you get rid of pet hair anywhere. 

This vacuum is perfect for large households with pets, as it has a generous 3.5-litre bag capacity and a 10-metre working radius which allows you to cover bigger areas without the need to unplug. Everything is contained within this vacuum cleaner, and the accessories are integrated inside so you can quickly and easily swap between nozzles on the go. 

(Image credit: Hoover)

You’ll get a crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture nozzles, but the Telios Extra also comes with the Pets Plus turbo brush which is what will banish pet stubborn pet hair from your home on any surface. If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, the parquet nozzle will ensure a soft clean without any scratching, so this vacuum cleaner really does cover all bases. 

It’s super-efficient and saves up to 60% more energy due to its filtering system that releases purified air, which is also great for anyone suffering from allergies – no more excuses not to do the vacuuming! 

If you want to cut down on cleaning time and keep the house fresh then the Hoover Telios Extra may be worth the investment. 

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