New GoPro Quik app introduces beat-synced videos and 'keeper' highlight reel

All-new Quik GoPro app is designed save your snaps and vids from the wasteland of your media folder (and it's not just for GoPro users, either)

GoPro app Quik
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GoPro's mobile app has had a total refresh, and a new name: Quik. The all-new Quik app is designed, amongst other things, to help save your photos from the black hole that is your phone's camera reel. It's not just for GoPro users either – it's available on iOS and Android, and supports photos and videos from any modern phone or camera, including GoPros and DSLRs.

The headline feature is the 'Mural', which is essentially a private feed of your best photos and videos (from wherever they're stored). When you capture something that's a 'keeper', you can click to add it to your mural, so you can be reminded of it whenever you fire up the Quik app, rather than leaving it to languish in your phone's wasteland of receipt snaps and reaction GIFs.

Powerful editing tools enable you to enhance your footage and photos. A new speed tool lets you apply multiple effects to a single video clip – from super slow-mo to 22x as fast as the original, along with freeze frames. An impressive library of royalty-free tracks, made in-house at GoPro, is on hand to inject energy into your collections. A very clever added feature is that your edits will beat-sync to the music.

In a nod to its original adventure audience, there are 25 filters, many of which are optimised for environments such as snow, desert, and water. There's also a selection of video themes, designed to make it easy to give your video a particular style or energy. And if you're time-pressed (or feeling lazy), the app can auto-generate impressive videos based on different occasions or trips.

GoPro Quik app

(Image credit: GoPro)

“Quik makes it simple and fun to finally make sense of the vast number of photos and videos we all have on our phones,” says GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “You don’t even have to open the Quik app to organise your images, simply share your favourite shots directly to Quik from your camera roll, text threads or wherever your best shots may be. We named it Quik because that’s what it is!”

Quik has replaced the original GoPro app, and is now available to download on iOS and Android. There's a free trial version, or you can unlock the app's full features for £9.49/$9.99/AU$14.99 per year or £1.79/$1.99/AU$2.99 a month. That price will include unlimited cloud backup at original image quality when that launches later in the year. It's also free to GoPro subscribers, and if you use the existing GoPro app you'll see it update to the new version upon install.  

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