Google suddenly drops Pixel Tablet to lowest-ever price in flash spring deal

The Google Pixel Tablet has never been priced this low

Google Pixel Tablet deal
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When it comes to the best tablets, Google's name has been high up the list more recently – and for good reason, as its Pixel Tablet released in 2023 to critical acclaim, able to act as part tablet, part home hub device all rolled into one. That's thanks to its included speaker-and-stand for parking the tablet when you're not actively using it. 

There's currently a mega deal on the Pixel Tablet over at Google's Store, too, with an already £30 off the list price cut even further to a total of £120 off – that's 20% from the list price – in a limited-time deal that's set to expire after Saturday 2 March. So you'll need to act quickly if this deal entices you (or, indeed, anything else on Google's Store appeals – as there's 15% off site-wide!).

Google Pixel Tablet: was £599now £479 on Google StoreEARLYSPRINGDEALS

Google Pixel Tablet: was £599, now £479 on Google Store
The best Google tablet out there, complete with a speaker-equipped stand, meaning this versatile solution is a great tablet to carry around, or a home hub-like device to position statically on its charging stand. The Google Store flash sale makes it cheaper than ever, so long as you enter the discount code EARLYSPRINGDEALS at the checkout. 

What makes the Pixel Tablet so impressive is its versatility. From the outset that was Google's intent with this tablet: to create something that you could use as a powerful slate (thanks to its Tensor G2 silicon), but then set down on its included stand to act as, say, a kitchen screen you can control via Google Assistant using your voice, or a nightstand to run schedules and alarms.

Most tablets don't sound especially great, as they're thin and light products and can't make much of their enclosures to beef up their sound. The Pixel Tablet is different when stand-mounted, as there's an integrated speaker system to deliver audio with more wallop than your average. A great touch if you want to use it as a second smaller screen when the main TV is in use, for example. 

I'm pleasantly surprised that Google has price-dropped this product so significantly, even if it is only for a very limited time. It makes for a product that's much more affordable than the best iPads out there, for example, which I'm sure will lure in prospective Android-loving customers. Especially those who thought the original price sounded a little steep. So if you've been waiting to buy for some time, now is your time...

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