Google removes multiple features from Google Assistant

The company wants to 'focus on delivering the best possible user experience'

Google Assistant
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After a busy week at CES 2024, the tech world is currently full to the brim of news and updates, especially when it comes to software. However, despite recently revealing a collaboration with Samsung on spatial headset experiences, Google has decided that the show isn't over quite yet...

Despite recently adding a free productivity upgrade, the company announced yesterday that it was removing certain features from Google Assistant. In a bid to 'build the best Assistant yet', Google has decided to make the changes in order to focus on quality and reliability, hoping to make it easier to use Assistant across multiple devices.

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Starting from 26th January, users will receive a notification if they try and access any of the features being removed. In its announcement, Google released a list of the chosen features, some of which include asking for information about your contacts and rescheduling an event in Google Calendar with your voice. The list also includes suggestions of what you can use in place of the removed features, indicating where alternatives are available. 

Google also declared it was bringing users a more consistent experience within the Google app. For example, whilst users can continue to activate Assistant with saying “Hey Google” or pressing on the home button, they'll no longer be able to use the microphone icon in the Search bar to complete actions like “turn on the lights” or “send a message.” Pixel devices will also be affected by this, as the microphone in the Pixel Search bar will now launch Voice Search instead of Assistant.

You can find out more information about the changes on the Google Assistant help page.

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