Google Pixel Watch users are getting a sweet free security upgrade

The update is coming to all Wear OS-based smartwatches

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Watch is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches on the market right now. Released late last year alongside the Google Pixel 7 range, the watch marks Google's first attempt at making a Pixel-branded wearable device.

Now, users are getting a great smart home upgrade thanks to a Wear OS update. It means that users can preview notifications from their smart camera or video doorbell, right on their watch. That will allow you to see at a glance who has triggered the camera, and decide if you need to take action on your phone. 

To work, users will need a compatible smartwatch. Devices will need to be running Wear OS 3 or newer, with a linked Android phone running Android 9 or newer.

That opens the technology up to a whole host of users. Popular choices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 should be more than capable of running the new feature – just make sure everything is up to date and you're good to go.

You'll also need a compatible Nest Camera or Nest Video Doorbell. Google says that those must have been launched in 2021 or later to work with the update.

It's a great upgrade. Users will be able to instantly see who has triggered a camera, without having to dig out their phone. That allows you to make a decision about whether you need to take further action or not, without having to stop what you're doing. It should make the whole smart home experience a lot more convenient. 

Users will need to upgrade to Wear OS System UI 1.4 or higher to access the feature. That's expected to start rolling out in June, with availability on all devices pegged for the end of that month.

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