Google Pixel users just got a great free security upgrade

The latest security patch brings a host of added safety to your Android phone

Google Pixel 8 Pro review
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When it comes to the best Android phones on the market, it's safe to say there is a lot of competition. In recent years, we've seen established household name brands go toe-to-toe with plucky start-ups in the fight to be crowned king.

Some of the most interesting devices come from Google. Their handsets – like the Google Pixel 8 Pro – are the only Android devices designed by the same team who craft the operating system. They're also pretty fantastic handsets.

Now, users of those devices have received a sweet free security upgrade. That's part of the Android 14 software, which sees regular security patches rolled out to users. This one marks the first security update since the launch of the Android 14 software.

There are a total of 17 different patches fixed as part of the update. Those range from high priority to critical updates, making it crucial that users install the update as soon as possible.

There's a further section of the update just for Google devices too – the original 17 as part of the core Android operating system will affect all Android devices. That includes a further eight changes, though further details are scant.

Oh, and it's not just the most recent models which have nabbed the update. Users of handsets going all the way back to the Google Pixel 4a can install the update to enjoy the latest and greatest security on their device.

It's a great upgrade for users. Sure, it may not have the sex appeal of a new feature or app, but security updates are crucial. That's particularly true in the modern age. 

These days a phone isn't just a communications device, it also holds your wallet, your photo album, your health information and lots more. When all of that is stored in one device, keeping that updated with the latest security measures is sensible.

These updates tend to roll out over a period of a few days, gently making their way to all users. Don't panic if you can't see it on your handset just yet – there are a host of commenters online who vary between having and not yet having the update.

Still, when it does come through, it's well worth getting hands-on with.

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