Google Pixel 4 delivered FREE in this massive data Black Friday phone deal

The brand new Google Pixel 4 for free and with an affordable data-stuffed contract? Yep, it's a great Black Friday deal

Google Pixel 4 Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Google)

For anyone looking to upgrade to one of 2019's Google phones then the Black Friday sales are currently delivering brilliant gifts on a daily basis.

Yesterday that awesome Google Pixel 3a deal dropped, and today this brilliant Black Friday deal from has landed, offering the Google Pixel 4 for free along with a data-stuffed SIM plan from EE.

The Google Pixel 4 is a stylish, photo-taking maestro of a smartphone, that delivers one of the slickest and, with vanilla Android 10 out of the box, fastest Android mobile experiences on the market.

Meanwhile, has built a track record of delivering great phone deals throughout 2019, with low prices and excellent free delivery and tech support. This is why this deal is so easy to recommend, it delivers a great hardware and SIM package, and it comes from a respected, T3-approved retailer.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Google Pixel 4 64GB White | Up-front cost: £0.00 | Monthly cost: £41.00 | 75GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Contract: 24 months | EE | Available now at
The latest and greatest Pixel phone is delivered for free is a great start to a deal, but then when you throw in an affordable SIM plan that delivers a massive 75GB data allowance as well as unlimited minutes and texts for just $41 a month, and the all-round quality of this deal becomes evident. Free next day delivery completes the package.View Deal

Fancy a Google Pixel 4 but would prefer a SIM plan from another network? Or actually would prefer to buy the phone SIM free and then partner it with a great SIM only deal? If so then be sure to check out today's very best Pixel 4 prices in the comparison chart below:

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