Google Pixel 3a now FREE in big data Black Friday phone deal

This Black Friday phone deal delivers the Google Pixel 3a with a data-stacked contract for cheap

Google Pixel 3a phone deal Black Friday
(Image credit: Google)

Hot Black Friday deals on SIM-free handsets, with SIM bundles, and cheap SIM only deals are dropping each and every day right now and, among them, some of the absolute most attractive offers are coming out of

This latest deal on the sleek, photo-taking beaut that is the Google Pixel 3a is a good example of its current Black Friday sales output, with one of 2019's best affordable phones made even cheaper with a double discount special.

The handset itself is reduced in price to FREE up-front with the deals code TRPIX3A, and then the data-stuffed contract is also reduced with a clutch cashback promotion. The result is a deal that should appeal to anyone that has been looking to upgrade to a fast and affordable phone that specialises in taking dynamite pictures.

Oh, and the neat thing about the Pixel 3a is that it comes with three years of guaranteed Android OS updates, making it very future-proof, as well as unlimited Google Photos storage. Useful everyday features that play directly to this phone's strengths.

The full details of the Google Pixel 3a deal can be viewed below:

Google Pixel 3a | Up-front cost: £80 £0.00 with code TRPIX3A | 20GB data | Unlimited mins & texts |  Monthly cost: £29.00 £26.08 with £70 cashback | Contract length: 24 months | Vodafone | Available now at
Right now the fine folk at are offering the Google Pixel 3a with in a double discount large data deal. Firstly, the phone retailer is running a cashback offer, which chops £70 off the package's monthly cost, with a £29 price taken down to £26.08. For that price you get a contract with 20GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. And, secondly, by using the deal code TRPIX3A at checkout you can bring the phone's up-front cost down from £80 to £0.00, getting you phone for free. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

In our Google Pixel 3a review we said that the phone "is a little miracle", with us wowed by its "phenomenal Pixel 3 camera", "fast-charging" tech, and "3 years of Android OS updates guaranteed". For someone who loves taking photos and doesn't want to spend flagship-level money then it is basically the ideal device, with a fast and fresh version of vanilla Android making the whole experience a joy.

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