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If you're a Google Cloud storage subscriber, then get ready for one hell of a silver lining. Those with a Google One Premium subscription may not have noticed that  Google has added access to two of its other services into your service, Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium.

As confirmed to Forbes those in the UK currently paying £7.99 for the service will automatically receive Nest Aware and Fibit Premium as part of the plan. There has been no talk of the offer expanding to the US just yet, but it's not impossible. 

These changes make Google One a seriously tantalising offer for those using Google's ecosystem of products. Fitbit Premium alone costs £7.99/$9.99 a month and NestAware is £6/$8 so to throw them into Google One seems supreme value. 

What is Fitbit Premium? 

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Fitbit Premium grants you access to a host more data stored in your Fitbit or Pixel Watch to view on your Fitbit app. The increased detail includes advanced sleep analytics, and a Daily Readiness Score that judges how ready you are to push yourself with serious exercise and even assigns you a sleep animal! 

You'll also gain access to a wealth of healthy recipes as well as videos of mindfulness and workout sessions with celebrities and top trainers. if you're serious about fitness it's worth investigating but the standard Fitbit experience is still pretty comprehensive too. 

What is Nest Aware?

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If you've got a compatible video doorbell or Nest Camera set up at home, Nest Aware might be for you. 

This subscription gives you 30 days of video history as well as detection of any movement in front of your house/ camera. Note however that this isn't the top tier of the service. Nest Aware Plus grants you up to 120 days of video history and 24/7 coverage with supported devices. 

Of course on top of these services, the 7.99 premium plan for Google One also grants you a massive 2000 GB of cloud storage and up to 10% discount on Google Store purchases. Not bad eh? 

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