Google kills yet another service and this time it hurts

Users are going to need to make some significant changes as the platform has just been killed

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Quick Summary

Google has axed one app from its arsenal with over 500 million users.

All the details can be found here, including how to migrate your data over to a new platform.

When it comes to software for phones, no brand has more credence than Google. The brand has been making different apps for years, making them a staple for most users.

That's particularly true for Android phone users. As the manufacturer of the operating system, Google apps can be found throughout those devices. Popular ones include Google Maps, which has become the go-to for many people.

Now, one app has been killed off – and that could be troublesome for users. The Google Podcasts app has faced the chop, which could prove to be disastrous for users.

Over 500 million people use the platform, as their means of accessing podcasts. Those users will need to move their current subscription data over to another platform, in order to continue using it.

The change affects users in the USA. While there is currently no official word about the change moving over to other markets, it's a reasonable assumption to make.

It won't have come as too much of a shock to users, however. The plans were first announced back in September 2023, giving users ample time to make the switch. More recently, users have also had push notifications reminding them of the impending change. 

As to why the brand have opted to make the switch, that comes down to other areas of their portfolio. Google also own YouTube, and the YouTube Music platform is seen as a better destination for users to enjoy their podcasts.

Of course, it's not the only podcasting app on offer for users. There are a wide range of options out there for users looking to tune in to their favourite show.

Google has even published a whole document with step-by-step details of how to migrate your data. That should simplify the process substantially, and help to ensure that users can enjoy their favourite content without having too much of a struggle.

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