Google Home Mini now down to £34 as Google gets its Easter sale on early

The cheapest price to date for the fabric-swaddled Google Home Mini me, available from… now

Google Home Mini deal

We are big fans of Google Home Mini deals here at T3, not least because it usually feels a little bit overpriced for what it is. And what it is, is a more attractive version of Amazon Echo Dot, with Mr or Mrs Google Assistant living inside it, instead of Ms Alexa. 

Google Home Mini is very similar to its Amazon rival. It's currently geared around music, smart home control answering questions, whereas Alexa is more like, msuci, smart home control, and buying things, plus doing a million and one other thigns via its Skills – yes, Skills; not apps. Never that.  

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For Black Easter 2018, as everyone's calling it, Google Home Mini has been discounted by a whopping £15, bringing it down to £34 which is just over 30% off, which is a DEAL

The discounted speaker is available until April 4 2018 at Currys, John Lewis, Argos and Google's very own GStore.

Google Home Mini is not a hugely powerful music speaker, but you can output its sound to any Chromecast device in your home. It will also do all the usual Google Assistant stuff like handling your compatible smart home kit, and telling you the weather, news and your calendar appointments. Albeit in rather a quiet voice, if you don't have its audio routed via a bigger speaker or your TV.

At £34, it's a steal for anyone who wants to dip a toe into the Google Home pool, or those looking to expand their existing setup to other rooms.