Google Circle to Search gets a great free upgrade to translate text

The AI-powered Android phone feature is about to get a whole lot more useful

Google Pixel 8
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Google's Circle to Search feature is starting to get a nifty upgrade.

Users will now be able to translate pages of text using the AI-powered feature.

Part of the appeal of owning one of the best Android phones on the market is the sheer volume of groundbreaking tech they employ. From top cameras to impressive processing power, these handsets are brimming with shiny goodness.

These days, that also means AI functionality. Whether you love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. That means brands are actively looking at ways to implement it into their devices, with the hope of improving the lives of their users.

Google are probably the biggest exponent of that so far. As the team behind the Android operating system itself, they have added a wide suite of AI-powered features to devices like the Google Pixel 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

One of the most popular of those is Circle to Search. That allows users to simply circle a passage of text or an image on screen to enact a Google search for it.

Now, that's getting even more useful. When a user triggers that search, they'll now be able to translate text in another language. That's according to Mishaal Rahman, a noted tech insider with a great track record for leaking new information. 

According to a video on his Twitter page, the feature works effortlessly. When the Circle to Search feature is triggered, a new button appears in the bottom right for the Translation feature. Tapping that translates the entire screen into your native language.

That's a great feature for users. There are many people who aren't multi-lingual who have faced challenges when trying to converse with or read material written in other languages. 

Google has pioneered a range of different software products to assist them, with this acting as the latest in a long series. That's an incredibly useful offering, helping to bridge gaps and act as a catalyst for conversation between people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to converse.

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