Ghostbusters VR coming to Meta Quest 2

The Meta Showcase just revealed some top games coming to the Quest 2 this year, including one you're really going to want to call

Ghostbusters VR on Meta Quest 2
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The Meta Showcase was a slick look at gameplay from a series of new titles available for the Quest 2, currently the best VR headset on the market. However, there was no sign of the much anticipated GTA San Andreas this time. The best was, of course, saved till last and Mark Zuckerberg himself made an appearance to announce the release of GhostbustersVR for the Meta Quest 2. 

From the short gameplay trailer, we see that this is a brand new Ghostbusters adventure rather than one tied to any of the films. The game is based in San Francisco to solve a deep mystery across the city. 

There's plenty of slime, PQE meters for ghost detecting, that familiar proton pack power-up sound, blasters, traps and even that spooky theremin ghost music. you can play individually or with up to three friends on a co-op campaign. The release date and price are still to be confirmed but it's available to Wishlist on the Quest Store today. 

The other announcements contained a mix of new games and sequels that had something for everyone. Fans of the Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR adventure will be pleased to see it get a second chapter: Retribution, coming later this year. 

Red Matter also returns with a second game from developers Vertical Robot. It takes off where the last one ended and takes place from our moon to Saturn's rings. And there's also a follow-up to last year's Espire VR Operative. Espire 2 features a series of single missions or a new coop adventure. 

NFL Pro Era for Quest 2

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NFL Pro Era is the first NFL game to come to VR and features all 32 teams, allowing you to play from the field, setting the plays and throwing those spirals. This isn't an EA Games title, it's actually produced by a studio created by two former players – Troy Jones and Andrew (Hawk) Hawkins – thanks to an exception in the NFL licensing deal. It certainly gives a new perspective to the game.

For Sim builder fans, Cities VR provides a detailed city building game, all in VR. Not only can you create the city but you can explore it too.

Other game announcements included Moss Book II coming this summer, Bonelab, and the Japanese animation title, Ruins Magus. Meta also announced an update for Resident Evil 4. The Mercenaries introduces new challenges and new modes (including big head and black & white horror) that is available now as a free update. Beat Saber also gets an update with a new electronic mixtape featuring EDM artists for those slicing, dicing workouts.

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