Get up to 45% off an OTTY mattress in this brilliant Black Friday deal

Double mattresses from just £274.99 and up to 45% off the Otty Aura

OTTY mattress
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This OTTY deal is brilliant: you can get up to 45% off the full range right now. The deals are available across the range but there are different discounts for different products: there’s up to 45% off the Aura, up to 35% off the Pure and up to 25% off the Original Hybrid. The deals are available now and will be online until the 30th of November.

These deals represent really big savings. The discount takes the Super King version of the OTTY Aura Hybrid down to just £384.99 instead of £699.99, while OTTY’s best mattress, the OTTY Pure, is down from £899.99 to £599.99 for the same super size. If you only need a single mattress the Aura is down from £349.99 to just £179.99.

These are some of the best cheap mattress deals we’ve seen: discounts are usually around the 25% to 30% mark, so a 45% discount is really big.


Black Friday deal | Up to 45% off OTTY mattresses now
You don’t need a discount code to get up to 45% off the OTTY Aura, 35% off the OTTY Pure or 25% off the OTTY Original Hybrid: simply shop for your mattress and the savings will be applied automatically. You can see how much you’re saving when you choose the appropriate mattress size.

We’re very impressed by OTTY’s mattresses. In our review of the OTTY Hybrid we said it was extremely comfortable with a firm, supportive sleep surface and excellent edge support: it delivers a very luxurious feel for a very reasonable price tag. That was based on the full price version; it’s even better value with these Black Friday discounts. We were also impressed in our OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo and Charcoal mattress review, which uses a pioneering memory foam. 

OTTY mattresses are a mix of pocket springs and foam for maximum comfort, and unlike some memory foam mattresses they won’t make you feel like a Thanksgiving turkey thanks to their special temperature regulating features. It’s a little firmer than some rivals but it’s very supportive and very comfortable.

See how OTTY compares to some of its rivals:

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