Get the new PlayStation Plus for half price with this clever trick

But you'll need to move fast before Sony puts a stop to it

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The relaunched PlayStation Plus service will deliver Xbox Game Pass-style subscriptions, and if you move fast you can get it for half price for PS5 or PS4. The trick? Sign up for PS Now and when the new service replaces it, you'll automatically upgrade to the Premium tier.

That means you can effectively get the new PS Plus for half price, and some gamers are stacking up the subscriptions to get the deal for years. Because it takes advantage of a loophole in the PS webstore, you'll need to move fast before Sony closes the loophole completely.

How to get the 2022 PS Now for half price

According to, the trick is to log in to the PlayStation Store with your usual account on your computer, tablet or phone – it doesn't work on console – and then access the appropriate link. We couldn't get PushSquare's links to work, but we did get the ones on to take us to the deal. All you need to do is pay for your year's PS Now subscription now and when the new service launches later this year, your subscription will be upgraded to the premium tier.

The downside here, other than the fact that the deal won't be around for long, is that you're paying for a service that you haven't seen yet: half-price gaming is only a good deal if the games are ones you actually want to play. But with Sony promising that PS Now will include the "big hitters", it's probably a safe bet and a decent way to save money on PlayStation gaming for PS5 and PS4.

Me, I'll pass on this one – but I bet my colleague Rob will be on it in a flash, because as he wrote the other day he reckons it's a must-have service. That was at full price; at half price it's even more attractive.

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