Get £600 off Sony’s “best 4K TV ever” now in John Lewis' Black Friday sale

We absolutely loved this Sony Bravia TV, and this Black Friday deal takes a massive £600 off the sticker price

Sony XR-55A90J 4K HDR TV
(Image credit: Sony)

We called the Sony A90J Sony's "best 4K TV ever" when we reviewed it late last year, and it remains one of the best TVs for almost everybody. It's an astonishing thing, with its OLED panel delivering breathtaking image quality thanks to the usual smorgasbord of Sony silicon for image processing and video upscaling.

And, if you head over to John Lewis right now, the 65-inch version – the pick of the range unless you've got a really huge room – is discounted by £600.

When we reviewed this TV, the 65-inch was £3,499. Now you can pick it up for £1,500 less.

Sony Bravia XR XR65A90J OLED HDR 4K TV: was £2,599, now £1,999 at John Lewis

Sony Bravia XR XR65A90J OLED HDR 4K TV: was £2,599, now £1,999 at John Lewis
Some people said this was Sony's best ever 4K TV, and those people were us: we said that this "mind-blowing" OLED TV offered some of the best HDR performance of any TV so far. This is one of the best TVs of any kind from any manufacturer.

Sony's as famous for its audio products as its visual ones, and this Bravia doesn't disappoint your ears: it has Dolby Atmos and Sony's own Acoustic Surface Audio+, which vibrates the screen to create positional audio. There's Youview/Freesat built in, and while the Sony didn't originally ship with the full complement of UK streaming apps that's since been sorted and everything you'd expect is present and correct.

In our Sony A90J review, we said: "Sony has taken full advantage of its new high-brightness panel to deliver not just easily its best OLED TV, but also the most all-round spectacular OLED picture quality to date." If you want to see your movies, TV shows and games in the best possible light, I think this Sony will make you smile.

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