Get free dessert for life this Black Friday

How can you resist?

Hello Fresh
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You read the headline, if that's not the best offer you'll hear this Black Friday I'll eat my hat (and some free dessert). 

The good folks at Hello Fresh are offering 60% off your first box of meals and free dessert for life this Black Friday. If you're a foodie, too busy to cook or just sick of ready meals in the air fryer, that's a pretty compelling offer. 

Hello Fresh has a pretty simple premise behind it. You choose the meals you want to cook each week and they send you the ingredients via delivery each week with instructions and everything you need to cook it from scratch at home. It's quick, easy, delicious and (provided you don't have too many free desserts) healthier than ready meals. It's economical too, if you decide to have 5 meals a week for 4 people, then it works out at just £1.26 per serving. 

When you sign up, you can choose how many meals to receive and how many people each one will serve but regardless you'll get 60% off of the first box of ingredients and a further 25% on each box after that. 

Hello Fresh Meal Plan:

Hello Fresh Meal Plan: 60% off your first box and free dessert for life!
Eat better and cheaper with a kit of fresh ingredients sent to your home each week. This Black Friday offer comes with 60% off of your first box as well as free dessert for life! You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time too. 

Whatever your dietary needs or preferences, there's a Hello Fresh plan for it. Vegetarian, pescatarian, family, easy-cook and calorie-controlled options are all available.  

I won't get your stomach rumbling too much but the rotating menu at the moment includes creamy chicken and mushroom pie, herb-crusted salmon fillet, creamy pesto and sweet potato gratin and a creamy truffle and mushroom naanizza. Yum. With just the most basic kitchen skills, you can plate up these delicious meals and get them on your table.

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