Get beautiful curls with this quick beauty hack, and it’s only £1.99!

This viral hair product will have you running to the shops...

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Whilst it is a wonderful thing to be blessed with beautiful curly hair, it’s no secret that maintaining it can be a nightmare. Even the smallest drop of moisture or using the wrong shampoo can set off a frizz tidal wave, adding a layer of anxiety to any social event. However, what if we told you that Boots has a secret product that will help calm those unruly locks, and it’s under £2? Introducing Boots Essentials Curl Crème

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Boots Curl Creme

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In 2021, Boots shoppers were shocked at the company’s decision to discontinue its best kept secret, Curl Crème. It caused such an uproar that Boots stocked it up again last year, simultaneously drawing in a lot of attention. The product is now not much of a secret, but its popularity is still going strong. 

What is Curl Crème?

Curl Crème is designed to control and nourish curly hair, whilst also smoothing away any frizziness. It also enhances shine and holds curls in place without weighing them down! 

It comes in a transparent tub and is a light pink, thick and unscented cream. Whilst it does contain alcohol, there is a small amount compared to the other ingredients, so it is unlikely to dry the curls.

How should you use Curl Crème? 

After washing your hair, towel dry it a little but keep it damp. Take a small amount on the tip of your fingers and run the product through your hair from the ends, not quite to the root. Tip your head upside down and scrunch your hair gently with your fingers, squeezing it without ruffling or rubbing it. Let your hair dry naturally for a beachy look. 

For more defined curls, keep your head upside down and use a diffuser on a low heat. You can always add in more product as you go if you would like to build the definition in certain areas. 

Is Curl Crème the right product for you? 

If you struggle with maintaining your curls, especially in the heat, Boots’ miracle hair product is definitely the one for you. It will leave you with beautiful curls, avoiding any frizz or unwanted volume as the day goes on. 

The Curl Crème is also great if you have wavy hair and would like to define your curls more. Applying lots of heat to wavy hair can make it seem more flat and straight than it naturally is, meaning products like the Curl Crème can actually bring your natural curls out of hiding! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Head to Boots now and grab a tub before it sells out again! 

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