Beauty Works Professional Styler review

The Beauty Works Professional Styler makes hair wavy, but don’t expect big bouncy curls – find out why in our review

Beauty Works Professional Styler review
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T3 Verdict

The Beauty Works Professional Styler is excellent if you want to create waves and a beach-chic look. It is very easy to use, heats up quickly and fits easily into your hand. However, although you can create a look that lasts a few hours, it will not last the night without a lot of product in it, and even then once slept on, will drop.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Creates gorgeous beach waves

  • +

    Good value for money compared to other similar products

  • +

    Comes nicely packaged

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The style only lasts a few hours

  • -

    You cannot create big curls

  • -

    Despite its claim to enhance shine, we didn’t notice any difference

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The UK-based Beauty Works is fairly new to the haircare market compared to other brands, but is already a leader in the industry. With a huge army of social media fans – and with ex Love Islander Molly-Mae Hague as its ambassador – Beauty Works has built up an excellent reputation. Perhaps best known for its human hair extensions, this styler may be lagging a bit behind in popularity, but is good value for money.

It is a great product for anyone who wants to create a wave in their hair but forget big curls – they were impossible to achieve. When it comes to temperature, this tool allows you to control the heat, ranging from 80 to 220C. It is no surprise that the brand – which is infamous for its hair extensions – has designed this tool to work on thick and long hair; hence the fact the barrel is 18.5cm long.

On its highest heat, I did feel my hair was sizzling a tiny bit, but keeping it at around 150C worked fine. The hand glove also ensured that it was safe to hold the tool without getting burnt.

Overall, the styler did create lovely waves but they didn’t last longer than a few hours so don’t expect long-lasting results. 

The styler is quite long – measuring 18.5cm barrel length. 32mm barrel width – so best used at home, rather than as a travel product. 

Beauty Works Professional Styler review

(Image credit: Beauty Works)

The Beauty Works Professional Styler Review: Design

The rose gold and white product comes neatly packaged in a long box, with a gold bag for the product and heat glove. 

The styler kit consists of: 

  • 1 x styling wand with a barrel measuring 18.5cm long.
  • 1 x white heat glove
  • 1 x heat resting pad
  • 1 x gold styling bag

This product is a lot easier to use on long hair and I think it is designed for those with Beauty Works hair extensions to use. Due to the long length of the barrel it can be wound around to create long curls and for shorter hair more of a wave effect.

The styler heats up in seconds and the fact you can control the temperature is appealing, as with a lot of other styling tools you can’t. The protective heat glove also works perfectly so there is no risk of accidentally burning yourself.

As the tool is quite long in length it can be heavy to hold for long periods of time, so the heat mat provided is very welcome. The product itself is mains powered, white and rose gold, and is 18.5cm in barrel length and 32mm barrel width.

There’s a silver on/off button that sits in the middle of the handle and two controls to either rpress for higher or lower heat.

If you are a novice to curling your own hair this styling tool is not the easiest one to get to grips with. Due to its length, it is quite tricky to hold onto short hair for long periods of time to ensure you get the curl. And styling the back of the hair is also rather tricky.

The Beauty Works Professional Styler review

(Image credit: The Beauty Works)

The Beauty Works Professional Styler Review: Features And Technology

You can only use this styler on dry hair. Do not try it on damp hair as then the heat just fries it. Within 60 seconds of switching it on, it reaches the maximum 180C temperature but we found it worked best when turned down to around 140C.

As with all curling tools, you section your hair and then use the barrel to wrap the hair away from your face, and then hold it in place for a couple of seconds. You can then twist the hair in the opposite direction to create movement.

The difference between using a styling product and not using one is vast. I found if you spritzed the hair first the wave remained in place immediately, yet without product, the hair still looked flat. It was fairly easy to go backwards and forwards with the styler but it does take a lot of time. I found it impossible to create large bouncy curls but am sure with much longer hair it can work. For bob-length hair it was more of a wave effect I was left with, which looked very beach-chic. 

So that’s the basics behind the Beauty Works professional Styler, but how does it function in real life? Let’s find out… 

Beauty Works Professional Styler review

(Image credit: Beauty Works)

The Beauty Works Professional Styler Review: Performance 

We tested the styler on shoulder-length, straight hair that’s prone to breakages.

If you want beach waves, the styler is perfect. Forget it if you want something that will give you big bouncy curls, unless you have really long hair. 

The fact it has a temperature option is great as it enables you to ensure your hair does not get burnt and that you can be in charge of what temperature fits when it comes to getting the best result. Unlike other hair stylers we tried, the wand length makes it a bit less appealing to throw into your handbag and use on the go. Saying that however, it does come with a super stylish suede-looking carry bag so if you want to travel with it, you can.

When it came to styling the hair, the product produced lovely beachy waves and very light curls. Try not to be too impressed by the images of Molly Mae’s beautiful looking hair as, unless you are an ambassador like her of the brand, you will struggle to get such a stunning end result. 

You must remember to always use a styling product before using this tool as otherwise the curls drop out immediately, as many a reviewer has stated. If used without any holding products, it will be a waste of your time.

As well as the long length of the barrel being difficult to use on short hair, the other difficulty we had was holding it long enough for the curls to take at the back of the head. The heat protector mat is great for this as it means you can rest the styler down when sectioning off your hair but be prepared to do this a few times as it is not as light as you may be used too. 

We loved the fact that despite the heat on the hair there were no fly away ends and also absolutely no frizz. The barrel is coated in ceramic to seal the hair cuticle and that helped produced a shine to the end look. 

As for styling the hair, it is pretty self-explanatory. You roll the wand around sections of your hair, hold for two seconds and then release. We tried holding for up to ten seconds to ensure a stronger hold but it didn’t make any difference.

During our testing we found that the wave’s stayed in for a few hours. Anything longer than that and they just dropped and as for staying in overnight, there is no chance.  The brand also suggests after styling the hair to run your fingers through it to separate the curls but that wasn’t necessary.

In our experience, the styler produced a gorgeous beachy wave, but no curls. 

The Beauty Works Professional Styler Review: Verdict

This product is good value for money, provided you are happy with a beach wave as opposed to big Hollywood curls.

For hair extensions, I can imagine it works brilliantly, particularly because the barrel is very long. From start to finish, styling our hair took about 45 minutes but once you are used to the product I am sure it takes a lot quicker. Hair seemed a lot shinier than usual as the styler seemed to pick up loose strays of hair and give off a cleaner finish to the ends. However, the overall look did not last long so best used before going on a night out.

Is this product right for you? I think it should be priced a bit lower but if you don’t mind the look lasting just a few hours for a one-off event then go for it as the beach wave effect is super cool.

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