There's a new way to play your Xbox games without a powerful PC or console

Some big-name Xbox titles are coming to the GeForce Now streaming service

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You might soon be able to play some of the most demanding Xbox games without owning a premium PC. In fact, you can play Gears 5 on GeForce Now … now.

As part of a 10-year partnership planned between Microsoft and Nvidia, the best first-party Xbox games and Bethesda titles will be coming to the GeForce Now streaming service. Excitingly, GeForce Now could even help you stream big-budget Xbox games on your phone. 

Streaming games often brings with it performance concerns but Nvidia has promised that those subscribed to GeForce Now’s priority tier will be able to stream Gears 5 at 1080p 60FPS while Ultimate subscribers can expect 4K and up to 240FPS. An experience like that would normally require one of the best gaming laptops but by letting Nvidia remotely handle the heavy lifting, all your device has to do is stream it. 

Aside from Gears 5, May 25th will see Arkane’s excellent stealth shooter Deathloop, open-world survival Grounded and illustrated RPG Pentiment. Interestingly all of these games are part of Xbox Game Pass so perhaps we could see GeForce Now bundled with Game Pass Ultimate. 

GeForce Now

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This collaboration would certainly get my attention as it would fix the biggest issues with both services. Game Pass has a great library of titles, but its streaming system often renders games unplayable with extreme latency. GeForce Now conversely offers an impressive streaming framework, it just didn’t have access to the killer exclusives found on Game Pass. 

It’s important to remember that GeForce now is a streaming service but not a gaming library. You have to already own the games on the likes of Steam or have valid subscriptions to other services. 

Microsoft has promised to keep adding “more content from our portfolio on a regular basis to ensure players can always find a new and exciting game” meaning you could soon be able to play Halo Infinite on your phone, work computer and tablet. Dangerous stuff.  

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