Garmin watch users just got a massive free upgrade

Users of the Enduro 2, Epix 2, Fenix 7 and Marq 2 smartwatches can get a host of new features now

Garmin MARQ watches second generation
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Garmin watches are renowned for their ruggedness and reliability. From the ultra-premium Garmin Marq series, to the affordable-by-Garmin-standards Garmin Venu range, you can guarantee a smartwatch that is ready for anything.

Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Right now, users are getting exactly that via the Garmin beta program. If you have a Garmin Enduro 2, a Garmin Epix 2, a Garmin Fenix 7, or a Garmin Marq 2, you can sign up to the program to get a whole host of new features, before the wider public release.

Less than a week ago the 11.21 version of the beta was released. The update brought a substantial catalogue of bug fixes and new features to Garmin users.

Among the highlights, a new Jet Lag Adviser was added, joining the other devices from the Marq 2 where it made its debut. The feature is designed to help minimise the effects of jet lag when travelling, by giving suggestions about when to sleep, when to seek out or avoid, light, and more. Users also got a new app, called Sail Expedition, as well as support for a host of Wakesports, like Wakeboarding and Waterskiing. 

Now there's another update. Beta version 11.22 brings a smaller cohort of changes, but still offers a lot of useful features for users to enjoy. The most notable new feature is the inclusion of Outdoor Maps Plus access on the Configure Maps page. The subscription service offers access to a wide array of different types of maps, all of which can be downloaded onto your compatible Garmin watch. Users can access topographic maps, maps to indicate areas of public and private land, hunting management areas, satellite maps and more.

Marq 2 users also gain a feature called Tempo training. Golf lovers will love this – it helps to train the optimum swing speed by giving three vibrations on your wrist. In practice, the first should signal to start your backswing, the second indicates the start of your downswing and the third should match your contact of the ball. The system uses a 3-to-1 ratio, which has been found to be the ideal ratio when studying professional golfers.

It's a great upgrade for Garmin users who want to get even more out of their smartwatch. Currently, these can only be found in the beta program, but they should eventually roll-out into a public release, for users not signed up for beta access. 

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