Garmin Vivomove’s amazing screen and fierce style throw shade on Apple Watch and Fitbit

Hybrid smartwatch with hidden dual colour touchscreen display

New Garmin vivomove hybrid smartwatch range
(Image credit: Garmin)

It seems like there is a smartwatch on every wrist by now. The main issue with those, they just look like smartwatches. They are more techy than stylish and although they are functional, you can't really wear them with a smarter-than-usual attire. This statement is less true for the Garmin Vivomove range, though. 

Announced at the IFA expo in Berlin, the new Vivomove hybrid smartwatch range is trying to reintroduce style to the smartwatch market, and is quite successful in doing so.

Similar to the offerings from Withings, the Garmin Vivomove hybrid smartwatches looks like fashionable watches, hiding their smart functionality in plain sight.

The Garmin Vivomove range has also won T3's Best Fitness Tech award at IFA 2019.

Garmin vivomove Style comes in a range of colours and with two strap options too

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The Garmin vivomove Style has a 42 mm aluminium bezel and aluminium casing which houses the interactive dual AMOLED screen. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass so it can withstand some banging around without cracking. It comes in four different colour options and you can choose between woven nylon or silicone bands.

The Garmin vivomove Luxe is for people who are after a more luxurious feel

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The premium Garmin vivomove Luxe has a 42mm stainless steel bezel and stainless steel casing with a choice of an Italian leather or Milanese metal straps. It features the same AMOLED screen as the Style and also sports a domed sapphire crystal lens.

The Vivomove 3/3S is a great entry-level hybrid smartwatch

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Available in two case sizes (44mm and 39mm) the Garmin vivomove 3/3S has the lowest pricepoint of the range but still features a stainless steel bezel and a good many silicone strap options to choose from.

The Garmin vivomove hybrid smartwatch will elevate your looks without compromising on smart features

(Image credit: Garmin)

The key features for the vivmove smartwatch range include:

  • Smartphone notifications: check incoming calls, text messages, social media updates and calendar reminders on your wrist
  • Advanced Health Monitoring: 24/7 health monitoring features include advanced sleep with Pulse Ox, Body Battery energy monitoring, abnormal heartrate alerts, menstrual cycle tracking, stress tracking with relax reminders, new hydration tracking and more.
  • Connected GPS: Not integrated but it connects with your phone’s GPS
  • Garmin Pay: Contactless payment via NFC
  • Fitness Features: Tracks steps, floors climbed, and intensity minutes and includes built-in activities for walking, running, cardio, yoga, strength training and more.
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