Galaxy S22 set for speed boost as Samsung reveals next-gen hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S22 looks like it could benefit from a powerful new piece of hardware

Samsung Galaxy S22
(Image credit: Samsung)

We've known that the Samsung Galaxy S22 is going to feature some powerful new hardware, with the range slated to use powerful new processors and a speed boosted graphics chip, too.

And now we've got our first hint that the Galaxy S22 range could be set to benefit from another powerful new technology as well, with Samsung officially lifting the lid off its industry first LPDDR5X DRAM.

This is such an exciting announcement as it is the industry's first 14-nanometer (nm) based 16-gigabit (Gb) Low Power Double Data Rate 5X (LPDDR5X) DRAM, which according to Samsung delivers 1.3x faster processing than standard LPDDR5 RAM and consumes 20 per cent less power, too.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung's rapid new LPDDR5X RAM. Could it make its way into the Galaxy S22 series?

(Image credit: Samsung)

Now, that's big news for Samsung as it is an industry first and a game-changer in terms of speed and power efficiency, and if it is used in the Galaxy S22 series next year (which the timing of this announcement indicates it could be), then it could be a major boost to the entire range.

The S22 range is slated right now to be coming loaded with either a Snapdragon 895 or Exynos 2200 processor, as well as an AMD RDNA 2 graphics chip. These partnered with UFS 3.1 storage sounds like a potent combination for serious in-app and in-game performance, but if this state-of-the-art new RAM can also be added in, then you're looking at the complete next-gen package.

A Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra equipped with that package as well as full-on S Pen digital stylus functionality and a powerful suite of camera lenses sounds like a dream phone, so here at T3 we're hoping it will come to pass.

Right now the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is looking like it is going to be launched in February 2022, with the delayed Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launching at the end of January next year.

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