Adobe offers FREE 2-month Creative Cloud subscriptions to struggling designers

Can't afford your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription? Don't worry

Adobe Creative Cloud
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Many designers and photographers are facing a tough few months, with cancelled jobs and struggling clients, but it looks like Adobe has come to the rescue by offering free access to its world-leading creative tools. 

Many designers and photographers, and freelancers in particular, are facing many cancelled jobs right now. If you fall into that category, and find you can't afford your monthly Creative Cloud payment, Adobe could offer you a lifeline. It looks like the company is offering Creative Cloud users free access for two months. 

If you're a current user, word is that if you go to cancel your plan, you will be automatically offered the two-months free deal. We're not sure if this would be available to new users.

While this offer isn't actively being promoted, it's heartening to see this kind of flexibility from big brands at a time when the creative industries are facing such trying times ahead.

Adobe makes some of the world's very best creative tools, and its apps have become the industry standard for artists and designers. The Creative Cloud suite includes software such as Photoshop for image editing (now also available on iPad), Illustrator for vector work, and Adobe XD for those who want to prototype for web and apps. Relatively new addition Adobe Fresco enables you to create stunning digital paintings while you're on the go (when that's once again possible). 

Free remote Adobe CC access for students

Adobe is also offering free at-home Creative Cloud access to college or university students. This will enable students who rely on programmes such as InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop for their studies to continue working without needing to be on campus – essential as education centres start to close their doors and encourage students to work from home. 

These temporary licenses are only available until May 2020, and to get access your school or college must be an Adobe CC education customer. It's also potentially tricky to activate – your school's IT admin needs to request remote access using this application form. Students cannot request access themselves.

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