Forget's Xupermask – this app-connected face mask tracks health stats

The AirPop Active+ is a smart mask meets fitness tracker, and it's available to buy now

AirPop Active+ face mask
(Image credit: AirPop)

The AirPop Active+ Smart mask aims to combine the breathability and fit of the best face masks with connectivity and data monitoring you'd find in a fitness tracker to give a kind of hybrid super-wearable. The smart mask caused a stir at CES 2021, and is now available to order on the AirPop website. 

With masks now a staple in most of our lives, we're starting to see innovative and tech-packed new takes appearing. This week, and Honeywell announced their smart 'Xupermask', and last month, Razer's CEO confirmed that its light-up, voice amplifying Project Hazel mask concept was to become reality

The AirPop Active+ tackles a different niche though. Designed in particular for high-intensity fitness use, it aims to outstrip the best face masks for running currently on the market by offering integrated respiration monitoring via connected companion app. 

AirPop Active+ face mask

(Image credit: AirPop)

The mask design has an integrated Halo sensor that actively monitors the wearer's respiratory health stats as well as local air quality. The companion app features an inhale/exhale LED ring, and will track your breathing rate as you exercise. It'll integrate with Apple HealthKit, too. Note, the companion app is currently iOS-only – the Android app was promised by late March, so we're hopeful that this will arrive soon, though.

AirPop also promises "advanced comfort and superior breathability for high intensity workouts, cycling, running, and other athletic activities". It works with a replaceable insert filter designed to block bacteria, dust and other particles, has a patented 360-degree seal around the face, and lightweight construction for comfortable wear. 

The AirPop Active+ Face Mask is currently available to buy direct from AirPop, in Black/Green (a White/Grey colourway is on its way) for GBP £149.99 / USD $149.99, with four replaceable filters. Filter refills available for GBP £24.99 / USD $24.99. 

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