Forget the Samsung Galaxy X, Microsoft's Andromeda Surface looks like the future of folding devices

Andromeda looks like the foldable we've all being waiting for

Microsoft folding device Andromeda Surface
(Image credit: David Breyer)

Microsoft Andromeda, a new folding computing device in the Surface range of products, is apparently under development and set to be released this year.

The news, which was reported on by, an established and accurate reporter on all things Microsoft, says that not only is Andromeda a "pocketable device to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience," but also that "according to the documentation [it has seen], the device is scheduled to be released in 2018."

Interestingly, the Thurrot report also states that "Microsoft is hoping to create a new product category with this hardware", and believes that "OEM partners will release similar hardware too", leading to the inevitable conclusion that what we're looking at here with Andromeda is an entirely new product that combines the advantages of foldable phones with the benefits of hybrid computers and tablets.

Andromeda, depicted above and below by designer David Breyer, while seemingly dropping out of thin air, has seemingly been in development for many years, with numerous patents logged by Microsoft depicting very similar folding devices. This, along with Thurrot's excellent track record of reporting on Microsoft news and leaks, leads us to believe a device such as Andromeda is incoming.

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And, in all honesty, we think that is a smart move for the tech giant. Microsoft's Surface range of laptops has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, with its latest and greatest device, the Surface Book 2, bagging a big fat five star review from, and its sales and popularity have exploded also.

Then add in the current vogue for foldable devices, with Huawei, Samsung, Apple and more reported to be hard at work developing folding phones, as well as the increased uptake of hybrid tablet/laptop devices, and it seems only natural that Microsoft would get in on the action with its Surface brand, and especially so as a new product category, which would leave its rivals playing catch up.

Quite frankly, this latest packet of leaked information has only whetted's appetite more for a pocketable folding device, so the sooner Andromeda is officially announced the better, either alongside the Samsung Galaxy X in 2019, or on its own later this year.

Lead image credit: David Breyer

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