Forget iPhone 11, the iPhone XR is now FREE with unlimited data, texts, and calls

Yes, iPhone 11 pre-orders are now live, but this truly superb iPhone XR deal is a must-see

iPhone 11 no iPhone XR deal yes
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The iPhone 11 is currently available for pre-order, and if you absolutely have your heart set on it, then you should without doubt check out T3's best iPhone 11 deals guide. If you are simply in the market for a great iPhone upgrade deal, though, then this crackerjack of a phone and SIM package is a must see.

That's because are currently offering the Apple iPhone XR for free upfront, along with a 24-month unlimited data, texts and minutes contract with Vodafone for a very affordable price point. And, if that package wasn't good enough, the deal also includes free roaming and delivery, too.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

iPhone XR 64GB White | Unlimited data, minutes and texts | Upfront cost: £0.00 | Monthly cost: £39.00 | Vodafone

iPhone XR 64GB White | Unlimited data, minutes and texts | Upfront cost: £0.00 | Monthly cost: £39.00 | Vodafone
For value this deal is simply unbeatable. You get the 5-star rated Apple iPhone XR for nothing up front, as well as an unlimited everything contract with Vodaphone for £39 per month. Oh, and there are no speed caps on that unlimited data, too, and the 24-month contract also includes free Vodafone Global Roaming Plus. Free delivery is also included in the deal, with orders placed before 8pm getting same day dispatch.

In T3's official iPhone XR review we referred to the handset as "a brilliant balance of polish, features and price", before praising its "supremely slick and powerful" hardware, "very strong camera", "great battery life" and "excellent build quality". We concluded that if "a no-compromise iPhone experience you want, the iPhone XR offers it."

The fact that the iPhone XR has been kept in the main Apple line-up this year, to run alongside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro handsets, tells you everything you need to know about its enduring legacy of quality. So the fact that this device can now be picked up for free, and with a top unlimited everything contract from one of the UK's biggest networks, really is something to be welcomed.

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