Forget Apple AirTags, Oppo's Smart Tag is built for waging war on your lost items

The Oppo Smart Tag is the Hercules of tracking tags with a sturdier and more robust design than its rivals

Oppo Smart Tag
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Oppo is on cruise control to success in 2021, cultivating a steady stream of speculation around its ever-expanding IoT portfolio. Now, new information suggests Oppo has been busy again, planning to launch its very own variant of Bluetooth tracking tags – the brawny-looking Oppo Smart Tag.

Oppo's tags may even arrive in time for the rumored Oppo Find X3: an enthralling model that looks to be an upgrade to the Oppo Find X2 Pro, which offers countless features for a very reasonable price. The Oppo Smart Tag should eliminate the tiresome task of finding your gadgets and save you a whole bunch of time in the process. 

LetsGoDigital has drawn up a set of renders from a patent that was filed in China, showing a four-sided tracking device, but with rounded corners that smooth off at the edges to absorb shocks. It has echoes of the Oppo Watch case, albeit without the wrist straps, and more toughness to boot. 

The Oppo logo, embossed on the center of the rectangular device, displays a black colorway, and looks to eschew anything overly fancy for sheer functionality. The colorway, which is reportedly patented, shows that Oppo is serious about its Tile-esque gadget, despite it currently looking a bit non-descript. For us at T3, though, Oppo's tag looks like it wants to just get the job done: no fuss, no hassle, and only concerned with showing you the whereabouts of your items.

The Oppo Smart Tag seems to show a small circle on the device that could be a light indicator; however, it doesn’t appear to have a hole, which may indicate a yet undisclosed mechanism for attaching to keys. Dimensionally, it’s expected to come in at 4cm x 4cm, which is based on measurements from Samsung's model. The lack of a small hole may actually strengthen the device, leaving fewer avenues for the hole to wear down and interfere with the functionality of the device. 

Samung unveiled its own Bluetooth tracked – the Galaxy SmartTag – at its Unpacked event earlier this month, where we also saw the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Apple has been swamped with similar rumors: T3 has reported at length on the AirTags, which look set to release imminently. T3 also covered the discovery of a new function to find everyday items, found embedded in Safari, which gives us an inkling of the AirTags' actual existence, pointing to it being nearly ready for market.  

As with all tracking tags, they look to cater for those regularly misplaced items: attach the tracker to your keys, put one in your backpack, or even scatter them throughout your prized possessions. You can then use your handset to find and organize your personal inventory – something crucial to a smooth day-to-day environment with the many gadgets we own. 

Source: LetsGoDigital

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