Food delivery: get groceries delivered quickly for free with this simple trick

Two popular apps come to the rescue…

Food delivery: get groceries delivered quickly with this simple trick
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If you're having trouble getting essentials, whether that's because you're in quarantine, can't get to the shops, or your local shop is struggling with delivery slots, two delivery companies have launched a service which can get essential groceries delivered to your door within hours.

Both UberEats and Deliveroo now have groceries options, where couriers can pick up food and other essential items from corner shops and smaller supermarkets.

Items include bread, milk, cereals, tinned food, rice, pasta, and soft drinks.

Of course, the charges for basic items are higher than if you were to buy from a large supermarket, but the apps are intended to be useful, last-ditch service for those who can't leave their home. It's also worth noting that prices vary depending on what your local convenience store charges.

Essentials by Deliveroo has already gone live in cities such as Brighton, Nottingham, Manchester, and Cambridge, and will continue to launch across the UK this week.

Some customers in London will already be able to use the service. Deliveroo announced the new service last week, when it also introduced a partnership with Marks & Spencer stores on BP petrol station forecourts. The move will enable customers to order about 60 products from 120 M&S franchised stores.

Delivery, which is supposed to take less than 30 minutes per order, would be free of charge.

Likewise, Uber Eats has a similar option. All you have to do is selected ‘Grocery' in the search bar and it will bring up a list of local convenience stores with basics in stock like eggs, milk, bread, and pasta.

Just like Deliveroo, Uber Eats is also offering free delivery options, so this service is also quick and free.

Both services offer contactless delivery.

  • Search for your local grocery stores delivering at Uber Eats
  • Search for your local grocery stores delivering at Deliveroo
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