Focal expands its high-end headphones range with a couple of true beauties

The Focal Azurys and Hadenys match audio prowess with sleek design

Focal Azurys and Hadenys headphones
(Image credit: Focal)
Quick Summary

There are two new headphones models from Focal that are primarily designed for listening to music indoors.

The open-back Focal Hadenys and closed-back Azurys are made from premium materials and feature the same drivers as the company's five-star rated wireless pair, the Bathys.

French luxury audio brand Focal has introduced two wired headphones models that look as good as they potentially sound.

The Focal Azurys are closed-back and are inspired by the blueish hue of the semi-precious stone, Azurite, while the open-backed Hadenys headphones are inspired by The Hadeon era, when the Earth was first formed, with brown accents.

Both headphones use genuine leather and woven fabric in their construction, along with aluminium and magnesium. The Hadenys feature the brand's signature honeycomb grilles on each earpiece, while the Azurys has similar circular grilles to the excellent wireless Focal Bathys pair that we've award five-stars to before.

You can find proprietary Focal speaker drivers inside each of the new headphones, with the same units also found inside Bathys.

Each 40mm driver uses an M-shaped aluminium/magnesium dome that has been adjusted especially for these passive headphones. Focal claims they deliver "warm and dynamic high-fidelity sound".

As open-back 'phones, the Focal Hadenys are best suited for indoors listening. The Azurys can be used just as well outdoors too.

The Azurys are slightly heavier, at 306g over 294g but you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference. The Hadenys come with a 6ft mini-jack cable plus a 1/4-inch jack adapter, while the other pair have a 4ft equivalent.

Both include a matching carry/storage case.

Perhaps surprisingly for Focal, both headsets are reasonably priced in comparison with rivals. The Azurys will set you back £499 / $549 / €549, while the Hadenys £599 . $699 / €699.

They are each available to order on the Focal website now. You can also see their exact specifications there.

The launch has been timed with High End Munich, the annual premium audio show being held in Germany this week. We'll be reporting on other luxury products that are announced during the event, so come back often to see news on other new headphone models and speakers throughout.

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