New Fitbit Luxe is Fitbit's thinnest touchscreen tracker to date – with added stress management features

The Luxe is Fitbit's new 'fashion-forward' fitness and wellness tracker with a 6-month Fitbit Premium access

Fitbit Luxe price release date
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The new Fitbit Luxe is a high-class fitness tracker, as the name might suggest, but as well as looking sleek, the new 'fashion-forward' fitness tracker from Fitbit has a few more tricks up in its sleeve, like the 6-month Fitbit Premium subscription included in the price. Buying a new Luxe will grant you access to the Health Metrics Dashboard in the Fitbit App and other premium features including stress management tools, automatic activity/sleep tracking and more.

The top spot on our best fitness tracker roundup is already taken up by Fitbit, the excellent Fitbit Charge 4, but with the Luxe, Fitbit is targeting a different market, people who want access to premium health and wellness features but also need a fitness band stylish enough for a night out. To sweeten the deal, Fitbit threw in some features we've only seen in the Fitbit Sense previously, such as the aforementioned stress management score.

Fitbit Luxe: price and release date

Luxe is available for pre-order today at Fitbit and selected third-party retailers, with worldwide availability this Spring. Luxe retails for £129.99/$149.99/AU$199.95  with a six-month Fitbit Premium trial (a £47.94/AU$89.94 value).

Following the six-month trial, Premium is available for £7.99/$9.99/AU$14.99 per month or £79.99/$79.99/AU$129.99 per year.

The gorjana for Fitbit Luxe Special Edition is available for pre-order today for £179.99/$199.95/AU$299.95 with availability in June.

Fitbit Luxe: features

Through Fitbit Premium, you'll gain access to a variety of advanced health metrics when using the Fitbit Luxe. The fitness tracker is capable of tracking and scoring sleep with its Sleep Score feature which can help you better understand how your sleep quality changes over time.

Additional health tools include food, hydration and weight logging plus menstrual health tracking. With the Health Metrics dashboard, you can track changes in your wellbeing in the Fitbit App with insights into your breathing rate, heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), skin temperature and, coming soon, oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Not exclusive to the Luxe tracker but Fitbit Premium members also receive access to more than 60 new pieces of nutrition content including curated healthy recipes from Fitbit and Eating Well magazine. The new blood glucose logging feature in the Fitbit app allows you to log your blood glucose levels so you can track how your glucose levels change throughout the day.

The Fitbit Luxe tracks heart rate 24/7 with its wrist-based optical heart rate sensor and you can choose from 20 different on-wrist exercise modes including golf, pilates, spinning or tennis too. For those who prefer running, biking or hiking outside, you can use exercise modes with connected GPS from your phone to see real-time pace and distance.

The Luxe utilises Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes feature which can help you track moderate and intense activities automatically. There are smart features on offer like alarms too such as stopwatch and timers to help you manage your day, all with up to five days of battery life.

Fitbit Luxe: design

The Luxe is Fitbit’s thinnest touch screen tracker to-date and the operation of this fitness tracker relies completely on touch interactions: you won't find any buttons here. This might be great news for some people as the capacitive button found on the Fitbit Versa 3, fo example, is infamous for being fiddly to use.

Fitbit used an innovative design process called 'metal injection moulding', a high-tech take on traditional metal shaping, to create the high-gloss finish on Luxe’s stainless steel case. This process is said to has the "warmth expected of handcrafted jewellery, all while delivering a level of precision needed to enable its advanced sensor technology". To produce the high polish synonymous with jewellery, Fitbit used a 'metal vaporizing technique' on the soft gold and platinum finishes to provide a truly premium look and feel.

Fitbit is back to its roots with the Fitbit Luxe Special Edition which features luxury bands from Laguna Beach-based jewellery brand gorjana. The gorjana for Fitbit Luxe Special Edition includes is available in Parker Link Bracelet in soft gold stainless steel, alongside a swimproof classic silicone peony band for two looks in one.

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