Ferguson Hill Jetstream is the speaker system of our dreams

Beautiful, bonkers, and reassuringly expensive

Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System
(Image credit: Ferguson Hill)

British premium audio brand Ferguson Hill has announced an upgrade to its stunning FH001 speakers 20 years after they first hit the scene.

It has crafted a new loudspeaker system that sticks with the transparent design but introduces a number of tweaks for further performance improvement.

The Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System comprises a pair of bass units, plus two floorstanding horn speakers and a dedicated bass amplifier.

I've had the pleasure of listening to a stereo pair of FH001 loudspeakers in the past and can safely say they sound as good as they look. The reimagined Jetstream variants retain the extraordinary, see-through acrylic horn, but now feature a redesigned drive unit.

This fully integrates with the large metal support and horn to give an even more stable and smooth soundwave.

Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System

(Image credit: Ferguson Hill)

The bass speakers acoustically and visually match the flagship floorstanders, but come in 600mm diameter clear acrylic spheres. They each contain a 300mm neodymium-powered drive unit and distributed port loading.

They are driven by a Ferguson Hill Bass Amplifier with an internal low pass filter at 140Hz.

Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System

(Image credit: Ferguson Hill)

The Class D amplifier is capable of a total power output of 400W and is made from anodised aluminium for a refined, simple aesthetic.

When combined, the overall Jetstream system is as capable for home cinema use as it is for music listening, and the late Steve Jobs is thought to have been an owner of the original pair.

Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System

(Image credit: Ferguson Hill)

Of course, that's an indication that the new system doesn't come cheap. Like with the FH001 and subsequent additions to the speaker family, the Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System will set you back £105,200 for the entire setup.

If you're just after a pair of the Jetstream Horn Speakers, you can expect to pay £72,955, while the Bass Speakers cost £22,295 for the pair.

The Ferguson Hill Jetstream Bass Amplifier is a cool £9,950.

However, even at those prices, I think there's a market for such a cool combination of top-end, audiophile quality performance and premium looks. The system will certainly be a neat talking point.

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