Feed proves vegan meal replacement doesn't start with Huel and end with Soylent

Sportspeople, listen up

feed. vegan meal replacement soylent huel protein powder
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Truth to be told, there are many meal replacement options in the market by 2020. You have the big players like Huel or Soylent, but that doesn't mean the story starts and ends with those two. A good example of the variety other meal replacement manufacturers can offer is Feed, a French start-up providing a range of interesting options for anyone interested in sustainable nutrition, including in vegan diet form.

They have the usual suspects on their roster, including cold-pressed vegan bars, ready-to-drink bottles and – of course – meal replacement powders too. What peaked our interest here at T3 was the Sport line that caters for the fitness enthusiasts; one serving of the Sport powder contains almost 700 calories, 15 grams of fibre, just under 60 grams of carbs and a whopping 50 grams of protein. A proper weight gainer mix that's also GMO, gluten and lactose free as well as being vegan.

Feed has to battle with many big and small players in the meal replacement market, including the aforementioned Soylent and Huel, but also up and coming names like Jimmy Joy and Mana, among others.

Saying that, Feed does a good job trying to distinguish themselves from the competition by offering more niche mixes for people trying to achieve specific goals. Apart from Sport, they also have an Organic and a Light range, catering for many who wish to consume pesticide-free products and people on a slimming plan, respectively.

feed vegan meal replacement soylent huel protein powder

The Feed Sport range is ideal for people with fast metabolism

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Why should you try Feed meal replacement products?

Feed offers a range of nutritionally complete meals in a variety of formats, including snack bars, ready-to-drink bottles and there is also the now-classic powdered variety. Feed meals not only provide 100% of your nutritional requirements for one meal, they are vegan as well as gluten, lactose, GMO and palm oil-free. Wins all around.

Feed’s Sport range offers wholesome and balanced meals specifically designed for those who take part in regular physical exercise. Choose from three distinct flavours: Chocolate & Hazelnut, Banana and, for more adventuresome, Green Vegetables.

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The taste and texture will be familiar for people who tried similar products before, slightly gritty and thick, not all that unpleasant at the end of the day. On a Huel-Soylent scale, it sits closer to the Huel end, for comparison.

Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, each serving of the Feed Sport mix provides you with 50 grams of muscle-building protein and a good amount of carbs, too. Not to mention, all sugar found in the product is naturally present in the ingredients and will not lead to any insulin peaks. Want to gain lean muscle mass? Might as well give the Feed Sport range a try.

feed. vegan meal replacement soylent huel protein powder

Bars, bottles, bags: choose whichever format suits you best

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