EZVIZ launches AI-powered outdoor security camera… and it’s seriously impressive

The H8 3K 360° Pan & Tilt Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera from EZVIZ is one of the smartest security cameras we’ve seen

EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K security camera launch
(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Smart home solution brand, EZVIZ has just launched its new security camera, the H8 3K 360° Pan & Tilt Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera. Dubbed as one of the “smartest in its category”, the all-new EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K has been designed to seamlessly detect activity and movement, thanks to its AI-powered capabilities and features.

For those not familiar with EZVIZ, the global brand makes some of the best security cameras on the market today. Its smart home offerings include indoor and outdoor cameras like the EZVIZ C8C, the EZVIZ C3W Pro and the EZVIZ C3N, as well as video doorbells, lighting and other smart accessories. The EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K is a new launch for 2023 that’s packed full of features that protect and monitor your home, while also deterring intruders and communicating with visitors.

The EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K has been boosted by EZVIZ’s on-board AI algorithm. Powered by AI, this outdoor camera easily identifies moving people and vehicles to minimise false alerts. Instead of notifying you about your cat going for a stroll or leaves flying by, the EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K will instead inform you about important events or suspicious sightings like an unknown vehicle parking in a property area without permission.

The AI algorithm coupled with the 360° panoramic coverage means that the EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K provides a wide field of vision. When it detects human motion, the EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K will automatically rotate to track this movement and it can zoom in up to 4 times to record their activity. Visitors can also start video calls with the homeowner simply by waving at the camera.


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With its pan and tilt design, the EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K is motorised to see in all directions and it can pinpoint up to twelve viewing points via the EZVIZ app. The camera has a clear 3K resolution that reduces blind spots, avoids blurry imagery and features advanced H.265 video compression technology to deliver better video quality using only half the bandwidth and storage space.

Other features of the new EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K include colour night vision up to 20 metres, built-in spotlights and two-way talk. The outdoor camera also comes with active defense functions that provides an extra layer of protection by scaring off intruders with a loud siren and flashing spotlights.

In addition to its many features and functions, the EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K has a compact size and simple design, measuring only 116 x 143.2 x 163.8mm. The EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K will need to be affixed to an outdoor wall, and it’s fully weatherproof so it can withstand harsh weather conditions and still do its job efficiently.

The EZVIZ H8 Pro 3K is available to buy on the EZVIZ website or Amazon for $149.99.

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