EXOdesk interactive desk features and models released

Displays widgets, programs and social feeds right on the desk

The latest version of Microsoft Surface has allegedly gone on sale with a pre-order of £5,368 while EXOdesk will cost just £830, we say just...

It has been revealed that EXOPC will be working on two models of their EXOdesk assitant; one a desk-display that then attaches to a desktop PC or laptop and the second, a self-powered desk that will contain a i7 processor but will still be able to connect to a PC or Laptop.

At present the EXOdesk consists of a capacitative high-definition touchscreen display that acts as the surface of the desk, it then connects to the PC as an external monitor.

Similar in design to Microsoft Surface the EXOdesk is sturdy enough to have a keyboard and other peripherals on top of it and has a whole range of features built-in such as a moveable hub which can be thrown around the desk at will. It'll also show your social-feeds with the UI following a very similar pattern to that of Ice Cream Sandwich in that you swipe to make a post disappear.

Finally it also features what appears to be a range of full-desk apps with the example shown in the video being a virtual keyboard that takes up the whole desk. While Microsoft Surface is going for pre-order with a price of over £5,000 the EXOdesk will apparently cost just £830, a lot still, but much less that Microsoft's own version.

What do you think, is this the direction desktop computers are heading in? Let us know via the comments box below..

Thomas Tamblyn

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