Exclusive new Apple Watch created to mark World AIDS Day

Apple Product RED 2023
(Image credit: Apple)

If you want to buy a really good-looking Apple Watch while doing something good for the world, Apple's new (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Series 9 could be just the thing. Created to mark World AIDS day and raise money for the global fight against HIV/AIDS, the watch comes in a gorgeous red aluminium case with a matching sport band. I don't have the watch but I do have the band and I love the colour; having it for the watch too is going to look fantastic.

In addition to the watch itself, Apple has also created new versions of some of its best watch faces to match the new red colour: Palette and Solar Analog are now available in red, joining existing options including Metropolitan, World Time, Numerals Mono, Gradient, Stripes, and Typograph.


(PRODUCT)RED aims to mobilise private companies in the battle against HIV/AIDS, particularly in Africa, and also against tuberculosis and malaria. While Apple is one of its highest profile supporters you'll also find Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, EA, Gap, FIAT, Beats and more among the firms helping raise money. The fund was created back in 2006 by U2's Bono and Bobby Shriver of the One Campaign.

Apple's support – and Apple's customer base – has really made a difference: since Apple agreed to be part of the fund it has raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars, helping give people life-saving treatment and helping HIV-positive mums prevent passing the virus onto their children.

If (PRODUCT)RED hardware is a little beyond your budget, you can still take part in other ways: until 4 December, Apple's App Store will donate all proceeds from select, exclusive in-app purchases for three games — MONOPOLY GO!, Gardenscapes, and EA Sports FC Mobile – to the fund. And until 8 December it'll donate a dollar USD for every purchase made using Apple Pay on Apple.com, in the Apple Store app or in an Apple Store. Although that one's in dollars it applies to UK purchases too. 

Apple has also created a special collection of fiction and non-fiction in Apple Books to amplify advocates, a collection of AIDS-related podcasts in its Podcasts app and a selection of music from African musicians in Apple Music too. 

You can see Apple's (PRODUCT)RED collection here. 

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