Exclusive code for 20% off at Trespass: save big on outdoors clothing and kit

Head to Trespass armed with this code, and get kitted out for summer on the cheap

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Outdoor brand Trespass sells outdoors kit and clothing for every kind of activity, and right now we have an exclusive T3 code that'll get you 20% off everything, side-wide. To unlock this discount, head to the T3 Trespass deals page for your own personal discount code. This deal is only available until 3 April (that's this Sunday), so don't dawdle. 

If you're planning some outdoor adventures when the summer rolls around, this could be your opportunity to pick up everything you need it one fell swoop. As well as all the different clothing options to keep your comfy in any weather, Trespass also sells accessories and kit for outdoor activities, often at a really reasonable price (and even cheaper with your discount code). There's kit for watersports, camping, hiking, and even skiing or tobogganing, if you want to really prep ahead for next year. Here are a few of our top picks to shop.

Hiram waterproof walking boots|  was £69.99, now £55.99 at Trespass (save £14)

Hiram waterproof walking boots| was £69.99, now £55.99 at Trespass (save £14)
These walking boots are cushioned to deliver a little more bounce and forward propulsion on your hike. They're designed to keep the water out, provide a barrier to wind, but still offer breathability so your feet don't suffocate. Originally priced at £119.99 (don't worry, your code is still valid), you're getting a serious bargain here.

Seawater waterproof jacket|  was £44.99, now £35.99 at Trespass (save £9)

Seawater waterproof jacket| was £44.99, now £35.99 at Trespass (save £9)
Spring is in the air, but that doesn't mean the rainy days are over. In fact, often quite the opposite. This sunny waterproof jacket will keep the showers out. It's available in a range of colours, if yellow isn't your thing. Get your code for 20% off before you buy.

Albus 30L backpack|  was £39.99, now £32 at Trespass (save £7)

Albus 30L backpack| was £39.99, now £32 at Trespass (save £7)
There is little that's more useful than a well-designed backpack, and this 30L design looks like a good 'un. Three zipped compartments let you keep your things separate and organised, there's extra storage offered by the webbing at the front, and it's available in a range of colours, from subdued to zingy. Get your code for 20% off.

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