Evercade just crashed the PS5 party with a brand new console

Forget waiting to get into the PS5 party, the new Evercade VS home gaming console is here

Evercade VS
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Tired of waiting to get admitted into the PS5 party due to never-ending stock issues? Well, then, why not get a slice of the brand new Evercade VS games console instead, which has just been announced and is very much available to order.

The Evercade VS is a new retro games console from the makers of the original Evercade, Blaze Entertainment, that delivers a dual cartridge console that supports up to four players in local multiplayer via its USB controllers.

The Evercade VS uses the same game cartridges of the original Evercade console, which was a handheld, to allow access to hundreds (260 so far to be precise) of classic retro games.

Check out the official Evercade VS video trailer below to get a comprehensive look:

The Evercade VS is a home entertainment console that comes with two controllers and outputs its images via HDMI connection at 1080p resolution. Neatly, the Evercade VS is powered by just a 5v line, meaning any USB port can power it.

It plays Evercade game cartridges, which are sold separately, with each cartridge delivering a selection of retro games (up to 20) from classic makers such as Atari, Data East, Interplay, Codemasters, Team 17, Bandai Namco and more. The console offers an official way to buy and play quality retro games.

Unlike the original Evercade console, which only sported one cartridge slot, the Evercade VS has two, meaning that at any one time it can be ready to play 40 retro games without swapping cartridges.

Evercade VS

You get two Evercade VS controllers in the box, and the console supports up to four.

(Image credit: Evercade)

In terms of technological specifications, the Evercade VS is powered by a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, 512MB DRAM and 4GB internal storage, and outputs its 1080p image at a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is what the games were designed to be played in.

As the Evercade VS plays retro games, it also offers various scan line filters so its users can replicate the look of playing these games in the arcades or on CRT monitors at home, and to enable easy firmware and feature updates the console has built-in WiFi.

There are four USB ports on the front of the Evercade VS, which can be used with the official Evercade VS controllers or with popular third-party USB alternatives like the Xbox Adaptive controller and 8bitdo wireless controllers.

Evercade VS

The Evercade VS comes with two game cartridge slots.

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In terms of availability and pricing, the Evercade VS price is £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99 / approx AU$130 and Evercade VS pre-orders open on 28th MAY, 2021. The Evercade VS release date is November 2021.

Evercade game cartridges cost £14.99 / $19.99 / €17.99 / approx AU$26 respectively.

Speaking on the announcement of the Evercade VS games console, Andrew Byatt, Managing Director of Blaze Entertainment, said: "This is a hugely exciting time for the Evercade, with new carts, new hardware and improved software becoming available. When we began this project we believed that a physical only console would work in an increasingly digital world and the reaction has been amazing. Today we move this to the next level."

Evercade VS

The UI of the Evercade VS showing some classic Atari games.

(Image credit: Evercade)

Here at T3 we've seen a lot of these modern retro consoles released over the past few years, including the Nintendo Classic Mini, Sony PlayStation Classic and Nintendo SNES Classic Mini, among others.

The Evercade VS is much more like the Atari VCS, though, in the sense that it is not a closed system that comes pre-installed with a selection of games that can then never be added to.

By all accounts the Evercade has been a strong success for Blaze Entertainment and, at least on paper, the Evercade VS looks set to build on that.

What we like about this platform is that it gives gamers a great way to legally play retro video games in a very cost-effective manner. It also helps preserve the legacy of these classic games and companies.

Here's hoping, then, that the Evercade VS is as good as it looks when it comes out later this year. Be sure to check back into T3 then for our full review.

For more information about the Evercade VS then check out the maker's official website.

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