Ever wondered what a water-blasting gatling gun looks like?

We bring you the very latest in H2O carnage

Ditch that measly water pistol! We've got just the thing to help you dole out some good ol' aquatic punishment.

Say hello to the ultimate in watery warfare: the Sugru blaster. Okay, we made that name up, but it's a fair title considering it was created by the US start-up behind Sugru, a revolutionary self-setting rubber adhesive.

The awesome looking riot-style water cannon featured in a YouTube video advertising the sticky Sugru material, with the weapon's immense drenching capability presented in glorious slow-mo HD.

The bad news? You can't buy a Sugru blaster for yourself. The good news is you can make one, since the Sugru team put together the device by hand using spare parts and their very own sticky material.

If you're a dab hand at a bit of DIY, you could soon be unloading gallon after gallon of liquid death onto your enemies, courtesy of Sugru.

According to Gizmodo, the WMD (weapon of mass drenching) took around 50 hours to build, with the parts valued at £1,250. Not cheap, but this summer's aquatic arena is your assured domain if you roll up to the local park with one of these in-hand.

Check out the video below: