Eve Play can turn your existing music system into a Sonos-style multi-room streamer

You can connect your old amplifier and speakers to other AirPlay 2 devices

Eve Play
(Image credit: Eve)

Smart home brand Eve has announced its first foray into audio streaming.

The company has unveiled Eve Play, a streaming device that can turn a classic amplifier, speaker or soundbar into an AirPlay 2-enabled multi-room music system.

The box features both RCA and digital audio outputs, so can be connected to most legacy kit. It also hooks up to your home network through 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-FI, or Ethernet, and can then be synched with other AirPlay 2 speakers around the home, such as the Apple HomePod.

There's a Texas Instruments PCM5122A digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) inside that has a signal-to-noise ratio of 112 dB. That means it features decent wireless audio performance that's only limited to the capabilities of your system.

You can control music playback through any device with AirPlay 2 support. Sending it tracks using Apple Music on an iPhone is a doddle, therefore. And, if you have an Apple Home setup, you can set the Eve Play to work within smart home automations.

That means you can have music start to play when the system detects you have arrived home, for example.

The Eve Play will be available from 14 November 2023 priced at $149.95 in the US, £129.95 in the UK.

Also coming on the same day is the Eve Thermo Control, a wireless temperature sensor and controller for those with Eve's Thermo smart valve installed on one or more radiators around the home.

It supports Matter and is small enough to take with you into different rooms – adjusting the temperature as you see fit.

It'll cost €79.95 in Europe.

And finally, Eve is also releasing a Matter update for users of its MotionBlinds kit. That'll help them connect with other smart home devices more easily, even if they aren't from the same brand.

It'll be a free upgrade and will also be released mid-November.

T3 is attending the IFA trade show in Berlin this week and will bring you more from the show floor as it happens.

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